Monday, August 10, 2009


Hi babes,

We're going to restock the fabulous Seamless Wonder today, so do send in your orders soon to avoid any disappointment =)

Because our supplier has limited stock of the Seamless Wonder, we have to take what is available.. this means the undies will either be with or without ribbon (see pictures below, also scroll down for more pictures and details). If you're indifferent, then just send in your order with the colours you want; if not, please specify. If you do not specify we will assume either design is fine, ya =)
Note: Our supplier usually has more of the Seamless Wonder with ribbon.

They're a little crumpled in the picture above, the Seamless Wonder is actually very smooth (for both designs). Please scroll down to earlier posts to see more pictures =)

Since we've been receiving so many multiple orders, we've decided to have a promotion to reward all of you!
For all orders of 6 pieces and above, we are offering a special discounted price of RM64 with FREE POSTAGE via PosExpress. This is a limited time offer, so get your friends together and put in your orders now! =)

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