Sunday, August 9, 2009


We've been receiving so many emails and sms's with feedback on the Seamless Wonder! We're so delighted that all you girls love them, we've restocked them 4 times now and the orders are still coming in! =)

Here's some of the feedback we received from our lovely customers:-

JeanT: "..I love absolutely love them, especially when I'm wearing body hugging dresses or skirts, its really useful. They are really comfy and hehe, no more panty lines from now on! Ps, do you have any colours left? Am thinking of getting 5 more ;)"
IreneK: "Hey beb, I love the seamless panties bought from you. Can I get another 3 pieces?"
RachelQ: "It's really nice, and just what I needed!! Thanks so much :)"
SueW: "I love it, it's so comfy.."
YenLeng: "Yay, this really solves the VPL problem, thanks babe. Can you restock if my friends want also?"
Leen: "KookyEighties, this is really good! Thanks for the Seamless Wonder, do you have more colours?"
Niza: "Hi, very comfortable and nice to wear.. so good under clingy dresses and skirts. Thanks!"

We're going to restock again tomorrow, so do send in your orders early. Scroll down for more pictures and details =)

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